Designers: Take your design business from “meh” to “Damn! I’m good” in 90 days.

The Design Business Accelerator is a 90-Day program designed to help you master your sales process and hit your first $10K Month.
Go from Designer to Director in your business with the support of next wave of Designer CEOs who are serious about growing their business.

If you’re as serious as Chelsea Bell Eady, you’re about to do a 360 in your design business. She implemented the strategies I taught in the Design Business Accelerator – and yielded $16K in sales in 90 days.

“After being out of the business side of design for 4 years while I went back and got a degree, my self confidence was low. Working with Melissa helped me develop the methods I now use every day to grow my business from a freelance gig to a boutique virtual studio and hit my targets of $3k, $6k, and $10k in contracts.”

– Chelsea Bell Eady,

Narrative Designer

Are you ready to raise your rates, work less, and become a magnet for your ideal clients?
Join my Design Business Accelerator and master your client attraction processes in 90 days! Enrollment is open for a limited time!

Most designers start their freelance business with one dream:


Freedom to…

…sip pina coladas on the beach

…stay home with your kids

…go to lunch with your friends

…skip work and watch Netflix

… to make as much money as they want

If you’ve started your own (awesome) design biz … but it’s not quite the dreamy laptop lifestyle you initially envisioned, you’re not alone.

You have some clients, but…
you’re only earning enough to squeak by.


You KNOW you can make mo’ money, but…
you can barely keep up with the work you have.


::send wine::


You’re not the problem, friend.


The problem is…
you went to design school, not business school.


No one in design school told you that you needed to know all those other things (taxes, accounting, marketing, hiring, dealing with crazies) that come with running a business.




Most creatives don’t even break even in their first or even second year, simply because there was no one teaching them how to grow + run a successful design business.

Running a design business is like riding a ferris wheel. You’re up, you’re down, and when you’re at the bottom it’s hard to see the view from the top.

I’ve been on this ride for 8+ years now, and it hasn’t always been pretty.

When I first started my business, I was so happy that I was getting paid to be creative, I didn’t realize that I needed to learn the “business stuff.”

These days I only need a few clients a month to be comfortable.

When I first started out, I couldn’t believe that I was getting paid to design logos!

I was excited to find $20-per-hour clients.

I had no idea I should have been charging more.

After 9 months of hustling, networking, paid (and free!) client work, I took the leap and said goodbye to my 9-5 job.

I was sooo happy to be doing design work, and that I was getting paid to do it! Holla!

Six months later, I filed my first business tax return. YAY!

Despite ALL of my hustling (trust me, I was working my BUTT off), I was still losing revenue.

I was thrilled to be doing what I loved.

But I was still struggling to make my business work.

I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know what to do.

I kept doing what was working: networking, hustling, working with local clients and pretty much anyone who would pay me!

Two years later, my business was much better…but some things still sucked.

The good

I was working from home, had semi-consistent work, able to take my kids to and from school, and earning reasonable revenue.

The bad

I only got paid when my clients needed work done, the cycle was unpredictable, and I was barely sustaining my business financially.

Sound familiar?

As an expert designer, you understand that a design project isn’t finished until your client falls in love with it.

You know how much a great design is worth.

But right now, you probably feel like your clients don’t have a clue.

Instead of being happy to pay you what you’re worth, they:

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    Send 25 texts for a single tiny change on a logo
  • null
    Expect you to finish a huge job “yesterday”
  • null
    Try to negotiate lower rates even though you’ve already quoted your lowest rate

Know what I mean, jellybean?

When I first started, I was told by friend from high school (we went to two school dances together) that his toddler could use Photoshop better than me! (I wish I was making this up.)

I also had a project cancelled because TWO printers screwed up the job after
multiple tries — and I took the hit for it. (I was too chicken to ask them for a refund!)

(I have more horror stories if you ever want to commiserate!)

Now I charge premium rates for design projects that yield my clients 5, 6 and even 7 figures in revenue.

Paying me what I’m worth is an easy “yes” for them.

I get to work with changemakers in the industry who are growing their businesses and creating a real impact in the world.

Check out what some of my past and present design clients have to say about working with me!

“The design Melissa presented me with for my sales page was gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. The entire process was seamless and the level of attention-to-detail was better than any other experience I’ve ever had.”

– Carolin Soldo,

Success Coach for Passion Based Women Coaches

“Melissa is amazing to work with because she stays at the forefront of the digital design/online marketing industry.”

– Lewis Howes,

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of the School of Greatness

“Melissa was so on top of things! What I loved most is that she checked in with me often about our progress, which made me feel confident that the project was moving forward as planned.

Thank you so much for treating my project with urgency, importance and creativity.”

– Amy Porterfield,

Social Media Strategist and co-author Of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies

Want design client testimonials like these?

Keep reading, friend!

In my early biz days I had no idea what I wanted to be known for.

I was the overly enthusiastic girl who just wanted to be a designer.

I had puh-lenty of “WTF am I doing” moments.

I knew I was a good designer, and luckily I didn’t ever have trouble finding clients.

But I had no design biz buds, no mentor, and no one who got me or who could relate when I told them the crazy stories like the ones above. And I had no idea how I could go to the next level.

The struggle was real.

You didn’t start your business to struggle.

You started your business because you wanted to help people.

You want the freedom and flexibility to work when you want, from where you want, and not have to worry about paying your bills.

You crave last-minute weekend getaways, clients who appreciate you, and design work that makes a difference in the world, right?

In 2014 my business did a total 180. I started working for a brand new market I didn’t know existed, and that year I had my first $5,000 month! Jackpot!

Once I transitioned into my new niche market, figured it out and started to see real success.

I began working with some of the top names in my chosen industry and began charging premium rates that were easy yeses for my clients because of the results they produce.

These days I only need two to three projects per month to meet my revenue goals.

I can work whenever I want to and take a quick weekend getaway to my best friends’ lakehouse (with my family in tow) because I designed my business to work with my lifestyle.

You’re probably thinking….

“So what’s the key to standing out in a crowded designer market and getting on the success train, Mel?”

Here’s how: Decide what you want to be known for, master your signature service and never be scared to sell it.

Once I learned how my natural talent of project management made me different than most designers, I then learned how to focus on that to stand out from the crowd.

Then, my sales page service became and easy “yes” for my clients because I knew the results I could get for them.

Now I let my expertise and knowledge in my field do the selling for me.

Once you match your natural gifts with your expertise and your passion and learn how to sell it your design business can soar.

To run your DREAM design business, you need 3 things

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    You need to learn to think (and act) like an expert CEO

  • null

    You need to master your sales processes

  • null

    You need a signature service that consistently brings in revenue

That’s exactly what Jillian Harris, a former university professor and design genius did when we worked together. She combined her talent of design, and her expertise and passion of teaching and learning to brand herself as a course branding expert!

“After working with Melissa, I went from nothing to having a business. I have a website, social media, business name, a rich niche, and new clients. I’m making time for my business and finding ways to better balance work and life.”

– Jillian Harris,

Course Branding Expert

If you’re stuck in the “design something, get paid, and pray for new clients” cycle, you probably know by now that this isn’t sustainable.

And no matter who you are, I can tell you right now that we can find a better way to run your design business.
Are you ready for better clients, more revenue, and a ton of clarity on your next steps?
(Is your answer YES?! Keep reading!)
And I’m curious…..
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    Do you know where your client is coming from and how much to charge when you actually get one?

  • null

    Are you happy with your website?

  • null

    Do you know what to do when clients act like punks, want to take your designs and not pay you a dime?

If you said “no” to any of these questions, we need to talk!

My name is Melissa.

I’ve helped dozens of high-level entrepreneurs create web pages that ended up generating 6 and even 7 figures in revenue.

After years of working on design projects with high-level entrepreneurs, I’m using my skills and experience to help designers grow their business like a pretty field of roses!

And I’m here to show you a new way to grow your design business: YOUR WAY.

I’ll show you how to think like a Designer CEO so you can:

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    Streamline your services

  • null

    Understand how to boost your earning potential

  • null

    Find amazeballs clients with ease

  • null

    Differentiate your offerings based on your core strengths

After working with me, Shaundra Howard moved from a freelancer mindset to a confident professional who now confidently says “no” to projects that don’t align with her business goals.

“Working with Melissa has been amazing! I’m definitely not a freelancer anymore and I would never have realized that I could, or should, niche down in order to grow my business. I’m now clear about the direction my business is going.”

– Shaundra Howard,,

Sales Page Designer + OBM

The designers I work with land dream clients, get clear on their business direction, and have greater clarity + confidence in themselves.


Stacie Hanson, for instance, ended up landing 7 new clients in 60 days!!

“The biggest change in me as a designer is that I operate with more confidence. My state of mind is better and I was able to close 7 new clients in 60 days.”

– Stacie Hanson,

Creative Designer + Writer

Are you ready to work with clients who…

  • null

    Cannot wait to work with you AND pay what you quote because they KNOW your quality of work is top-notch?

  • null

    Understand the power behind good design and what it can do for their company?

  • null

    Rave to their peers in the industry about the results your designs your produce for them?

I’ll give the tools, strategies and inspiration you need to grow your business your way.

Let’s make it happen, friend!


The Design Business Accelerator

The Design Business Accelerator is a 90-Day program designed to help you master your sales process and hit your first $10K Month. Go from Designer to Director in your business with the support of next wave of Designer CEOs who are serious about growing their business.

Who is the
Design Business Accelerator for?

  • null

    Strategies that work to help you grow your business, systems and processes

  • null

    An experienced Creative Director who is ready and willing to push you out of your comfort zone

  • null

    Someone to show you EXACTLY what needs to be done

  • null

    Support and guidance from like-minded designers who are rooting for you

  • null

    To believe with 1000% certainty that you CAN do this…

Here’s how the Design Business Accelerator works:

The Design Business Accelerator is a 90-Day series of LIVE Training, Coaching Calls, Design Critiques, and Challenges and to help you go from Designer to Director in your design business.

You’ll master your branding, offers, mindset, visibility, and client attraction processes by the time you finish the Accelerator.




• 8 LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS To Master Your Sales Processes

You’ll get 8 LIVE group calls where I’ll teach you how to master your sales processes and help you through what’s really happening with your business. Plus, during each call we’ll do live design critiques!



We’ll do a bonus Website Critique Call during the Month #3!



You’ll get access to our Accelerator FB Community to share wins, ask for support and give feedback in a small, close-knit community of designers.



Each month you’ll be given a challenge to push you to the next level – with accountability from me and your fellow members.



Is your client being an a-hole? Not sure how to work through a funk? Need clients now? Or just need someone to push you to go to the next level? You’ve got this. And I’ll give you direct feedback on every call to every question you have.



Yep, you get to critique other people’s artwork and they’ll help you with yours too!.



All videos will be recorded and uploaded into our private members area!



I wasn’t kidding. If you decide to join the Accelerator, I’ll send you a mini-bag of your favorite chips!

The fact is – The Design Business Accelerator is a community of designers who are serious about going to the next level in their design business.
And the community of new ambitious designers there to support you on your journey to hitting your first 10K month is the biggest bonus, but I’m not just stopping there.
I’ve put together the best bonus pack to help you Accelerate your sales – starting on the very first day!

Bonus #1:

Need Clients Now? I’ve Got You!

Get Access to My “Get a Client in 10 Days” Mini Course. It’s a 10-Day Email Sequence set up to show you the exact steps you can take daily to get a new client in 10 days!

Bonus #2:

Client Management Templates Galore

Not sure what to say or how to manage your client projects? I’ve got you. Here are a few of the goodies inside of the Template Library

+ The “Cold Sales” Email Template
+ Friendly “Get on My Calendar” Follow Up Client Email Template
+ Client Proposal Template
+ Client Feedback Follow Up Process Map
+ The “Increasing Your Prices” Email Template

Bonus #3:

Close More Sales With Conversion Design

My main business bread and butter is sales page design – and I’m going to show you exactly how I created my sales page for my signature service.

I’ve designed The Design Business Accelerator so  you’ll have major business shifts.

Take a peak below at what you’ll learn during our live calls.

Getting in the right Mindset for Your first $10K Month

Learn why your mindset matters most, and how doing a 180 on your mindset and beliefs alone can make the biggest impact on your success.

Your Strategic Plan for Hitting Your first $10K Month

In this call, we’ll identify your big picture goals, and create intentions + possibilities for your business. Learn proper goal-setting strategies and create your plan to hit your first 10K!

Packaging Your Expertise, Talent & Passion

Finding your niche is the key to standing out in a sea full of designers with drowning businesses. Knowing who you are, what value you bring to the table, will help you create a signature offer to take your business to the next level.

Creating Offers That Your Ideal Clients Actually Need

You’ll learn how to craft design offerings that perfectly capture who you are and what problem you solve so that when your dream client wants to talk, you’ll be more than ready to close the deal.

How to Find Clients to Pitch and Sell Your Services to

I’ll show you the research strategies you need to get to the root of your potential clients’ struggles and qualify them as a client in the process.

And, I’ll show you how to use the low-hanging fruit method, ask for referrals, and get client feedback as a way to get more client projects!

The Client Attraction Strategies You Need to Know

Turn your sales process up a notch with messaging that connects with your potential audience and helps you build your prospect list without trying that hard.

Close Your First Sale

I’ll show you how to create a sales conversation + onboarding system to welcome new clients on autopilot.

Upgrading Your Client Experiences + Daily Workflow with CEO Style Systems

Systems are sexy if you let them work their magic on autopilot. Learn to prep like a pro for your client projects WAY in advance to upgrade your client experiences from “so-so” to “out-of-this-world.”

Here’s all the goodies you’ll get! You even get two options to choose from.

The Design Business Accelerator


8 LIVE Group Strategy Calls with Training, Coaching, & Critiques Red
A private Facebook Group for your designer friends! Red
An Exclusive Members Area Red
A bonus Live Website Critique Call Red
Bonus: Get a Client in 10 Days Mini Course Red
Bonus: Client Management Templates Galore Red
Bonus: Close More Sales With Conversion Design Red
Your Investment:
$697 or
3 payments
of $297
Get It Now!

Are you ready to make it all possible, like Emily did?

She doubled her rates, started working less, and became a magnet for her ideal clients. (Say what?!)

“I was struggling financially despite being busy. My rates were too low, and I wasn’t working with who I wanted to, and I couldn’t look for more business, because I didn’t have the time.

Now, my rates are doubled, I’m working less, and I found a niche to serve, and with that little changes I’ve made, I’m becoming a magnet for my ideal client. It’s amazing how great it’s working!”

– Emily MacKenzie,

Urban Gem Creative



My Design Business Accelerator course designed to help you access your CEO mind and understand how to build a business plan that is sustainable.

We’ll build the foundation for your new and improved design business through our community forum.

I’ll show you how to re-think your entire business strategy and see new possibilities in a way that’s super CLEAR and EASY.

You’ll get exclusive access to my expert direction and we’ll focus on your dreams and big picture goals during our time together.

Since this is both a one-of-a-kind and highly affordable program, and I won’t be able to offer refunds.

I can guarantee you a fulfilling experience that will push you towards your full potential as a high-level earner.

Because I reserve special time for you in my calendar, it’s important that this decision is a H*LL YES for you before you join.

You have two choices.

Keep doing what isn’t working.

Or, join my Design Business Accelerator and get the clarity, strategies, and community you need to help you grow your business.

Kacy Jackson didn’t even know she needed me until I showed up in her inbox. Before, she felt like “Just another designer.” Now, she’s clearer about her unique strengths and how she can leverage them to differentiate her business and then services she offers….

“I was looking for someone to coach me… and Melissa showed up at the right time. Before, I felt like ‘just another designer’ saying the same catchy phrases on my website and in conversations.

I felt like something was missing.

Now, I am clearer about how I can leverage my unique strengths to differentiate my business and the services I offer. You knew exactly what questions to ask and how to put me together. I have an entirely new set of offers that compliment my new niche, and I can’t wait to promote them.

For the first time, I have a unique value statement that’s actually unique.”

– Kacy Jackson,

Tech + Profit Strategist at Joie Digital

…If Kacy got all that and more in a 45-minute conversation with me, just think what you can accomplish in 90 days…

Still have questions? I’ve got answers!

  • null

    What if I Can’t Make the LIVE Calls?

    No worries! While I do encourage you to participate in the LIVE calls to make the most of the experience, all of the calls will be recorded so you can watch them at your convenience.

  • null

    What is the call schedule?

    The calls will be held on Thursdays at 12 pm CST in December, January and February. All calls will be recorded – so don’t worry if you can’t access them! You’ll get the official call schedule when you decide to join!

  • null

    Who are the designers in the accelerator program?

    Most of them vary in background, and they all get access to the FB group and live calls if they want to participate again. You’ll be able to do the same thing once you join once, if you want to. I plan to launch this again in 2019.

  • null

    When will you launch this program again?

    I plan to launch this program again in late 2019, so if you want to join now, don’t miss your chance!


  • null

    When will I get access to the Bonuses?

    You’ll get access to the Bonuses on our official start date – on December 6 when the membership site is area is ready. You’ll get access to the FB group as soon as you decide to make it official!

  • null

    Will you show us how to be a better designer?

    In general, my content + focus is more on the mindset, sales and systems side of your business in all of my mentorship programs. I don’t show people how to design – but I do show you how to improve your conversion design skills during Bonus #3.

    And – we also do design critiques on each call. Those, in my opinion, always make you a better designer!


  • null

    Are the calls taught live? Or are they video recordings?

    There are 8 LIVE calls, and a bonus Web Critique Call, and Monthly Challenges to help you with things like getting clients, setting up systems, social media, branding, and learning to think like a CEO. The 8 LIVE calls are taught live, and recorded and put into the members area if you can’t make them, though I do recommend you make them live to make the most of the program.

  • null

    How do the live calls work?

    Each call is LIVE, with about 20-30 minutes of me teaching the content, with the remaining time scheduled for hot seats, questions, and design critiques.

  • null

    During the LIVE calls, do you answer our individual questions and give feedback to each of us specifically, or is it only general/overall/group feedback?

    I answer all of the questions, and give individual feedback to everyone! No question will go unanswered! Plus, you get access to me in our FB group – so you will have my full support!!!

Go from “I’m just a freelancer”

to “damn, I’m good!” in 90 days!

It’s time so say goodbye to icky clients and say hello to predictable income.

It’s time to say goodbye to “not knowing what to do” and say “HELLO, I’m here to help!”

It’s time to start believing that….

…You. Can. Do. This.

Join my Design Business Accelerator today and get ready to create your dream design business.

Or, keep working with those icky clients, who only pay when they want to.

You’re the boss, right?


The Design Business Accelerator


8 LIVE Group Strategy Calls with Training, Coaching, & Critiques Red
A private Facebook Group for your designer friends! Red
An Exclusive Members Area Red
A bonus Live Website Critique Call Red
Bonus: Get a Client in 10 Days Mini Course Red
Bonus: Client Management Templates Galore Red
Bonus: Close More Sales With Conversion Design Red
Your Investment:
$697 or
3 payments
of $297
Get It Now!

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